Kikky BadA$$ Concedes Defeat Against Vimbai Zimuto

When the battle has been lost.

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Kikky Badass  | Drama

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After sparking a beef between herself and Netherlands based crooner,Vimbai Zimuto, rising hiphop singer, Kikky BadA$$ has been forced to withdraw allegations she levelled against the former where she accused her of stealing her ideas and concepts.

Following her accusation on the controversial Zimuto, no one stood in her corner in support as social media favoured Zimuto over little known Kikky. Prominent personalities like popular comedian, Comic Pastor also weighed in on the matter during his May monthly comic awards where he ripped into Kikky’s claims and dismissed it for a jest.

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"Third nominee in the Female Celeb of the Month Category is Kikky BadAss. We haven’t gotten to know her well yet, but she comes out claiming that our very own nude girl, Vimbai Zimuto copied her nude art concept.

"Honestly, have we ever seen pictures like Vimbai’s before? Even if we were to compare. Kikky, stop playing with people’s minds, you have not accomplished anything yet that is good enough to reach Vimbai’s level. You cannot make such a claim," said Comic Pastor.

Kikky BadASS

Seeing the roof surge right above her, Kikky u-turned on her accusations in an interview on Power FM today and exonerated Zimuto while pinning video producer, Simba Gee for the "theft" of her concept.

“It was not her fault (Vimbai). At the time I shot my video, Simba Gee who later produced Vimbai’s Hapana Kwaunoenda was working with Blaqs who directed my visual that exactly looked like Vimbai's project  So I put the blame is on Simba Gee, he had knowledge of my concept,” said Kikky.

So its official, Vimbai Zimuto took this one home, we wait to see whether or not Simba Gee will respond to these fresh claims.

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