Jah Prayzah, Hopewell Chin'ono Kiss & Make-up

well, sort off..

By  | Nov 04, 2020, 07:23 PM  | Jah Prayzah  | Drama

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In recent days Jah Prayzah and Hopewell Chin'ono have been at great loggerheads. They had a heated argument online about Hopewell's analysis of Jah Prayzah's music and it seemed the two were far from friendly.

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The argument emanated from Jah Prayzah's speculated political leanings. The issue started when Jah Prayzah replied to a video of a Zanu PF rally from years ago where Souljah Love was told "hausi chinhu" after the crowd started making noise asking for him.

The situation didn't seem like it had been resolved in the public eye but a lot more could've gone on behind closed doors. The artist has taken to social media to show his support for Hopewell Chin'ono who was arrested in the afternoon yesterday. Hopewell Chinโ€™ono who was first arrested in July was rearrested for allegedly breaking bail conditions.

Jah Prayzah has since posted a picture of Hopewell with the message,
Many JP Fans appreciated the gesture while many sceptics have criticised him for only speaking out because of public pressure. In the artist's argument with Hopewell he had pointed out their brotherly relationship and how he would've preferred Hopewell to just call him for a chat instead of the public criticism.

Many were quick to point out that when Hopewell spent 45 days in prison and that Jah Prayzah didn't send out a single post about him.

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