Don't Provoke Jah Prayzah

You've been warned

By  | Dec 18, 2020, 02:46 PM  | Jah Prayzah  | Drama

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Jah Prayzah’s latest song, Porovhoka has arrived just in time for the festive season. In the video of him announcing the song, he said he was tired of always singing sensible music.

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He said if others can sing nonsense then so can he too. The song is about celebration and it's the kind of music that will make you forget about your struggles,
The song was released on Monday morning with visuals that were directed by Vusa Blaqs. As with Jah Prayzah's recent music the song is set to be a hit. Jah Prayzah plays the role of a pilot in the video and he is captured partying it up with the flight attendants. 

Their partying goes overboard, so much so that the crew fails to wake up in time, delaying their boss who then calls and tells them not to provoke him, which brings out the title of the song. Jah Prayzah celebrated the song's release by posting the numbers it did on YouTube in its first 24 hours after release. He wrote:

"Porovhoka falls short of breaking the record of my most viewed video Mukwasha in 24 hours and is now my second most viewed video in 24 hours. Not small numbers at all. Thank you so much team JP 176 000 views in 24 hours."

A fan had a none that savoury reply to the post as they wrote:

"It trended because people wanted to see if the word on the street that it was a terrible song was true. The number of views is not correlated to the song being enjoyed."

Jah Prayzah responded in a similarly cheeky fashion which was in line with the message of his recently released track Porovhoka. In reply to the fan, Jah Prayzah wrote:

"I thanked you for that one view you added not for enjoying."

As things stand fans are set for some excitement this Friday with a show named "Best of Both Worlds” taking place next at the HICC in Harare and they will ticket for a live audience. The show is going to pit Winky D against Jah Prayzah. They're going to be a 100 guests allowed in the audience which will allow the show to fit in with the current coronavirus regulations. And for these exclusive tickets, one will have to part with $50 (USD). The show is going to be a pay per view event, so those at home can stream it online for $2 (USD) or equivalent. 

Jah Prayzah and Winky D have been riding high this year from the success of their last projects. Jah Prayzah released his album Hokoyo which has been well received and it's YouTube videos have astronomical numbers for Zimbabwean music. Winky D released his extremely controversial album Njema as the year began and he sold out the HICC for its initial release.

In an interview, their event representative Elton Kurima said those who fail to be among the 100 guests will have to view the show online for a small fee.
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