Jah Prayzah in Antidrug Campaign

By  | Oct 30, 2020, 07:44 AM  | Drama

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Drug abuse has long infiltrated Zimbabwean communities especially affecting the youth. In recent times they have been campaigns against codeine and crystal methamphetamine/meth nicknamed bronco and guka/mtoriro respectively.

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These are hard drugs that have somehow managed to grab hold of the Zimbabwean communities which were known for only partaking in marijuana. Jah Prayzah alongside Probeatz and Brizco have added their voices to the Say No To Drugs fight. In a 5 minute clip posted on his YouTube channel, Jah Prayzah and his collaborators tried to display through humour how drugs affect your ability to function.

Jah Prayzah himself is no stranger to the comedy scene as he has recorded several clips in his pass time bringing out his sense of humour. He often posts Tik Toks and videos on his IGTV were he monologues ridiculous scenarios that leave his fans in stitches. In the video featuring Probeatz and Brizco, the two enter Jah Prayzah's office attending some sort of meeting. They're trying to present an idea to Jah but they're disoriented and responding to the wrong questions. While faltering through their presentation, Jah Prayzah accuses them of being on drugs which they sort off half deny.

The clip is comedic gold from the onset but still manages to fully capture how the scourge of drugs is ruining the minds of the youth. In the end, Probeatz and Brizco are kicked out of Jah's office. This is a second campaign for improving the life of Zimbabweans that Jah has added his voice to in recent days. On Friday alongside ExQ he was raising awareness for the fight against breast cancer. 
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