Hopewell Chin’ono Turns Down Presenter’s Offer AGAIN!

This is embarrassing

By  | May 30, 2022, 10:32 AM  | Drama

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Prominent journalist Hopewell Chin'ono has again rejected former ZBC presenter Lee Ann Bernard who offered to give him her eggs for surrogacy.

Bernard made the offer on twitter, writing; “Real Madrid ikawawina I will gladly donate 2 eggs to Hopewell and he can find a surrogate hake Free of charge!!!”

This did not go down well with Chin’ono who clapped back at the presenter and ridiculed her for making such an offer.
“If I respond don’t cry fake tears of abuse @Lee_Ann_Cara. You also won’t see folks like @nancynjenge on such tweets, yet they will come swinging for Linda! It shows the emptiness of the women’s rights brigade in Zim. If I had said what Lee said they would have been twerking all day!” Chin’ono tweeted.

This is not the first time Hopewell had to reject Lee Ann Bernard.

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Earlier this year, the investigative journalist celebrated his 51st birthday today and Lee Ann who lowkey seems smitten by Chin’ono decided to wish him a happy birthday and also offered to have two babies with him for free.

“Happy Birthday Hopewell, here’s wishing you had babies to help you blow out those candles, nevertheless my offer still stands,” Bernard tweeted.

Apparently, that also was not the first time Lee Ann has made such an offer to Hopewell.

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In March as netizens were discussing about the by-elections, a Twitter user only identified as Obazzy Mussah Mangoma said that if Douglas Mwonzwora wins 1 member of parliament seat and  1 Councillor seat, he will freely volunteer to go and stay in Ukraine forever.

“Mwonzora akahwina 1 MP ne 1 counsellor ndinoenda kuUkrain kunogarako zvachose.”

Responding to Mangoma’s comment, Lee Ann said that if Mwonzora wins she will marry Hopewell and give him 2 kids.

“Akaiwina I’ll Marry Hopewell and give him 2 kids and keep him busy off social media.”

Again, Hopewell showed no interests in the marriage proposal.

Chin’ono and Bernard have been going on a twitter war over different political ideologies.

Bernard has publicly showed her support to the ruling party Zanu Pf which Chin’ono despises and strongly oppose.

Earlier this year before her proposal, Bernard accused Chin’ono of attacking state owned broadcaster ZBC because he failed to secure a job there.

Hopewell fired back by calling the presenter stupid and revealing that he was actually offered a job by ZBC in 2003 but he rejected it.

He also mocked the salaries that prominent ZBC journalists like Reuben Barwe were getting.

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Lee Ann Bernard is nothing short of controversial. She made headlines after she accused her former lover, Lincoln “Mhofu” Benyure of using her “genuine love” for him to exploit her for his own selfish ends. She revealed that Mhofu used her to get a passport.

“….It’s not by choice, it’s who I am, and Mhofu thought he destroyed my heart into pieces, but I had genuine love for him.

“All he wanted was a passport, and I got him one, the next thing he left.

“I fell victim, obviously, to somebody who had his own ulterior motives but I genuinely loved him.

“My choice of moving on was not based on the public saying, we told you so, he is going back to his baby mama.”

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