Ginimbi And Prophet Passion Bury The Hatchet?

Or is it just for show?

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Genius "Ginimbi" Kadungure  | Drama

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Just a few days ago the American based Prophet Passion Java and flamboyant businessman Genius Kadungure also known as Ginimbi fired shot at each other.

Java started the fight after he posted a video of himself dissing Ginimbi and saying that he was a rural boy.

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Ginimbi responded to the shade and said that he was not living his life to compete with anyone.

“Life is not a competition, its about achieving your dreams, living your purpose and being happy… I live my life to the fullest and continue to thank God because i keep getting more and more”  he tweeted.

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However the two have seemed to have let bygones be bygones as they were  recently spotted together.

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Many social media users have been accusing the duo of orchestrating the fight in order to stay in the tabloids. Some even said that the two haven’t been in the papers so they decided to draw attention through their stage-managed debacle.

“I knew that these guys were playing with our minds, they were not fighting at all. Ginimbi have been too quiet so is that prophet saka vakutsvaga mbiri vanhu ava , we are now clever, we see you guys, the economy can fool us but not you takubatai,”said one Tonderai Manda on Facebook.

One Instagram follower also said “Pokello and Olinda have been trending a lot and there is nothing that has been going on with the two of you. So that little battle of yours was stage-managed, shame on you guys. We no longer have time for your nonsense unfortunately, your little fight was a floooop,”.

Maybe they are genuinely burying the hatchet and moving on with their lives. Pastor Passioh is not the only one Ginimbi is fighting with these days, just ask  Wicknell Chivhayo.

The two who were best of friends and business partners  have become enemies and recently Chivayo accused Ginimbi of sleeping with radio personality Miss V-Candy although V-Candy denied the allegations and said that she has been at Ginimbi’s place for shooting of her reality talk show.

Who knows, the two might have turned a new leaf.

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