Ginimbi Takes Bulawayo Nightlife by Storm

Talk about the good life

By  | Oct 19, 2020, 06:30 AM  | Genius "Ginimbi" Kadungure  | Drama

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As things stand in Zimbabwe there are few people more recognisable and as grudgingly celebrated individuals as Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi. Of course, Passion Java would have a few words to say about that! Regardless, the masses just look on and appreciate the rise of both. Passion Java's perception would obviously be affected by the long-running feud that he and Ginimbi have been engaged in, which seems amicable on most occasions. The recent actions in this feud being a billboard Passion Java put up on the road towards Domboshava where Ginimbi calls home.
Fresh from his all-white party that was held last weekend on the 10th of October featuring the who's who of Zimbabwean society, where he celebrated his 36th birthday in a fashion that has become a regular fixture in Zimbabwe's social calendar. The socialite and businessman, Genius Kadungure who is popularly known as Ginimbi took a road trip this past weekend to the city of kings and queens. Bulawayo was a host to him and his experience of the good life.
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Road trip

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Alongside him was his usual entourage that featured his good friend and Dj, Rimo (Tinotenda Marimo) among many others. He posted a video clip of their motorcade in the city which was titled, party boys. A regular phrase Ginimbi uses when he and his friends are exploring their FOMO-inducing nightlife on any particular night.
The motorcade pictured on his Instagram story featured a series of top of the range vehicles from Range Rovers to Mercedes G-class and Genius' highly talked about Ferrari. The Ferrari is said to have been freight shipped from Harare to Bulawayo as it couldn't have managed Zimbabwe's roads and I guess when you're Ginimbi you do things like that just to be able to drive one of your favourite cars in another city. The car is just one of Ginimbi's high profile purchases this year as he recently purchased the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster which is valued at around $600 K (USD).
Ginimbi who's one been one never to shy away from attention was spotted at The Smokehouse, a popular bar in the city of kings and queens and his Ferrari was also seen parked outside Rainbow hotel but we're not sure if he was staying there. Genius has been constantly making headlines this year, from investigations into tax evasion to splurging over $1.5 million (USD) on cars and his house featuring in Jah Prayzah's Donhodzo video. A house that was later toured by Phillip Chiyangwa that left even him impressed.
While out and about in Bulawayo on Saturday night Ginimbi was mobbed by a crowd of appreciative fans. One couldn't tell which got more love, Ginimbi's jaw-dropping ride or him personally.  Security battled to protect both from the frenzied adoration as Ginimbi headed into a packed club to carry on the night's festivities. It was a night of celebration as Ginimbi and his friends popped bottles of Ace of spades. 
If there was ever any doubt of his national celebrity status,  it has been cemented now.
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