Ginimbi's Ex Bae Zodwa Offers Help with Estate

Love lived here, shem!

By  | Nov 23, 2020, 03:20 PM  | Genius "Ginimbi" Kadungure  | Drama

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Ever since Genius "Ginimbi" Kadungure passed away there have been many women who have come out to share how they had a special relationship with the man.

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The woman that seems to have been closest to him, however, is Zodwa Mkandla. Zodwa Mkandla is believed by many to have been Ginimbi's wife at some point in his life before they broke up. In an interview with the Sunday Mail, she said she was with Ginimbi for 9 years and that was when he didn't have anything. Zodwa also denied the viral rumours and conspiracy theories surrounding the source of Ginimbi's wealth.

"I met him when he was just 23 and it was in 2006. We were just friends then but later on, he asked me out and we started dating in 2009; this was after three years of friendship."

"He was a very traditional man who didn’t enjoy things like pizza; he was a sadza man served with mabhonzo and matumbu (beef bones and offals). During weekends, he would enjoy hosting his friends at our home in Domboshava."

"When we first met, Genius had nothing to his name — anga asina chinhu — but the man was such a hard worker. He would wake up at 5 am to do his gas business. He continued to work hard throughout his life until he made it to the top,” she said.

“I was the first in business, hence I was wiser. Genius had bigger business ideas but I always helped him with the wisdom. Likewise, I would go to him for business advice.

“What I can say without any shadow of a doubt is that Ginimbi was a go-getter and never used juju. If there are snakes which vomit money, why can’t people get them and be rich? I watched Genius grow from nothing to a millionaire through sheer hard work."

Referencing what seemed to be Ginimbi's obsessive preference of the colour white and suspected spiritual events affiliated, Zodwa said;

We all have our colours and his theme was white; what has that to do with mushonga (rituals)? I lived with Genius and I never saw any juju or rituals. The parties were just him having fun. Anga arimunhu aida zvekunakirwa hake"
Zodwa Mkandla also added that she would be willing to help his family run the hotel (his mansion) and the transport business that was left by the socialite:

"Genius was a very organised man; he obviously left a will. I will only work with the family to help them run the hotel and the transport business since I am already in the hospitality industry through Traverse Travel Agent. I have the clientele which can occupy the hotel and generate money for the business"
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