Ginimbi Is In Jail!

When will he get out?

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Genius "Ginimbi" Kadungure  | Drama

Genius Kadungure is in prison after being arrested for what has been described as "Import Fraud". The arrest in question is connected to the expensive Bentley  he purchased from South Africa and illegally imported to Zimbabwe without paying the necessary customs fees.

Genius Kadungure, who is popularly known as Ginimbi, is not a happy man right now. The influencer is currently behind bars and has been in jail for close to three days now and the reporters are all over his case.

Ginimbi has made no secret of his lavish, high brow lifestyle in years gone by and he is known specifically for his love of fine and expensive cars. In fact, just ten days ago he was showing off his newest baby on social media and it was a little hard not to feel jealous at the time.

We feel A LOT better about ourselves now after knowing that the odds were never exactly even to begin with. Ginimbi was nabbed in connection with his new Bentley import and IOL reported that the arrest was "on fraud charges over the importation of his $200 000 (about R2,9 million) Bentley vehicle from South Africa. He allegedly undervalued the vehicle, using a fake receipt, in order to make a lower duty payment to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA). "

Ginimbi's bail hearing hasn't yet taken place due to yet another postponement. Many feel this is some kind of cruel justice for the businessman following some of his shady dealings in the past.

One commenter wrote on Instagram: 

"This guy is learning the hard way and also he is not as rich or powerful as he shows because powerful people don't get arrested more so in Africa or Zimbabwe"

Do you think Ginimbi is going to get away with this one?

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