KUNYEPA! Gemma Griffiths Slams Fake UK Report

Is Zim Dangerous for white people?

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Gemma Griffiths  | Drama

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Gemma Griffiths is taking a UK news report to task after they claimed that Zimbabwe was a dangerous place for white people. The singer set the record straight on her social media pages.

When it comes to coverage of African countries in international media, we are never surprised to see unfortunate bias. When it comes to Zimbabwe specifically, the media can be less than friendly. We saw this once again when Instagram page WavyMusicOfficial showed off UK artist Morrison's new video for "Bad Boys". The news page could have simply hyped the video up but instead they said,

"If you knew how dangerous it is for a white man to step in Zim then you would understand the power of this video"

The comment rubbed users up the wrong way, not least of all Gemma Griffiths who took a moment to take the page to task. She wrote on Instagram

"WOW!! Zimbabwe. Its so special to see my city in a UK music video..... BUT to paint the country as dangerous...?
KUNYEPA sha." (Kunyepa means LIES)

Many people agreed with her sentiments while some joked that she probably should have translated the word "Kunyepa" so that the internationals could understand what was going on.
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It's great to see Gemma standing up for her country though, after all, not only is she proudly ZImbabwean but the country proudly supports her too. She has made waves in breaking stereotypes and has immersed herself in Shona culture during her rise to fame.

This week, Gemma Smith celebrated winning multiple awards at the Zim Music Awards and she beamed with pride as she said,

"YESSSSS! I am so blown away to have won 4 AWARDS at the Zimas last night! 🔥🔥🔥🔥Female Artist of the year, best RnB Soul Artist, and alongside Winky D - Song of the Year and Collaboration of the year. 🇿🇼 I’m so sad I could t be there, but my wonderful parents were able to represent me. I am humbled and so grateful to have this amazing start to 2020, and I promise I WILL make you proud this year! My heart is overflowing"

Do you think that she did the right thing by putting the international media in its place?

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