Farai Simoyi Shines In Netflix Show

She's flying our flag high!

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Farai Simoyi  | Drama

Zimbabwean fashion designer Farai Simoyi is making headlines this month after she featured in Netflix's brand new fashion-themed show, Next in Fashion. We first learned of the fashion queen's inclusion on the new show via a post on Facebook from entertainment blogger Plot Makho who wrote:

"FARAI SIMOYI is one of the 18 top international designers who features in the //Next in Fashion which Netflix’s first fashion competition show
The 18 Next in Fashion designers from around the world compete for the chance to win $250,000 and release their collection on Net-a-Porter.

Farai grew up in Zimbabwe but is now living in Brooklyn. She designed for Nicki Minaj’s collection and met fellow contestant Kiki there.
Farai now owns The Narativ which is a curated house of artisan brands. She’s also the curator of New York Now Fashion Runway"

The 36-year-old has been thoroughly enjoying the journey so far. She took to Instagram to write about the experience on the show where she said, "This was so much fun! The challenge was Red Carpet and we went into full ruffle mania! What did you all think of this episode?"
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Unfortunately (SPOILER ALERT) there was a bit of controversy on the show.

Farai had to deal with drama after what many believe to be a racially motivated decision against her. One fan wrote, "I was fighting for u guys. You spoke nothing but truth! I commend the judge who walked away. He was so aware and knew what time it was and what was happening. While the other wanted to elude that he doesn't live in such a world. I was just done with him. But we all know those kind....In your final episode it was no look of suprise during elimination, I'm sure u felt all odds were against you, it was very shallow to make elimination over an underwire. God Bless you two. We enjoyed your journey and will continue to be watching."

Despite the drama, she still made Zimbabwe tremendously proud!

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