Enzo Ishall Threatens Cyber Bullying Fans

He's not taking any insults lying down

By  | Dec 06, 2020, 06:40 PM  | Enzo Ishall  | Drama

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On an Instagram live Levels and Enzo made sure fans know that if they get insulted they'll reply in kind. Speaking on the issue Levels said someone might insult your family and you can't just ignore that.

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He said people might say that he's a public figure so he should let things go but he said he's a person with and he would react because after all, he wasn't a government official. Levels said he's a person like any other and if an insult got to him, he would respond.

Enzo shared an anecdote of how he once shared a post on his Facebook asking what people did and everyone began plugging their hustle underneath the post. It was positive and going well until someone pasted an insult directed at him and Enzo replied in kind. As the situation progressed the fan began lecturing him about the conduct of a public figure. Both Enzo and Levels pointed out that it doesn't matter if you're a public figure or not because you have emotions and you can't take insults sitting down.

Levels and Enzo Ishall have just finished working on a song together that features Ma9nine and they've had a long friendship that started since Enzo's first steps in music. Enzo was initially signed to ChillSpotRecordz which is Levels' recording label before he moved to Passion Java Records and then to Teemak. During the live Enzo went on to mention that he knew a UZ student who you could hire to hack Instagram accounts and delete them. The two laughed about it and Levels pointed out that doing that might be the way to go.

In recent times many celebrities have bein the spotlight for their "spicy" replies and even political figures have proven they can go toe to toe with social media users in unsavoury exchanges. Seh Calaz even made insult that included the mother of a fan after the fan had insinuated that he was bathing better now.

The issue of fans bullying public figures is not a new one but it has been long in conversation. Strive and Tsitsi Masiyiwa had to delete their Twitter account after Zimbabweans online took them to ask over posts they seemed to find offensive but these attacks are always justified even if the reasons are not good enough.

Misred also came into the firing line when she called upon Zimbabweans to be more patriotic and to show more love for the country. The online Zimbabweans community tried to force her to apologise and figures like Olinda Chapel spoke out against her comments but she stuck to her guns. Many celebrities finally came to her support like Carl Joshua Ncube and Nick Mangwana.

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