Enzo Ishall & Passion Java Clash

Can't we all just get along?

By  | Dec 13, 2020, 11:17 AM  | Enzo Ishall  | Drama

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Prophet Passion Java and Enzo Ishall clashed in the comments section of Instagram.

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Java posted a video that showed him and Enzo facing off with guns and wrote in the caption: 
"Enzo Ishall should we release our movie on Monday?" 
Enzo replied to this by asking about his 15 thousand dollar payment. In reply Passion, Java wrote: 
"Why type here mupfanha? Bvuma kupusa mhani, reach Bosh Lashan mupedzerane or DM!" 
Lashan Muchuchu is known popularly as Boss Lashan is Prophet Passion’s personal assistant. Enzo went on to point out to Prophet Passion that he had posted the video before their agreement, to which Java replied "Siyana neni".

A fan then commented that Enzo was being unprofessional and asked what point was he trying to prove by discussing their business publicly on Instagram when they initially didn't discuss it there.

Passion Java added to this fan's comment saying the comment was true and Teemak had run away from the ghetto youth (Enzo). This also goes back to Enzo's various contractual disputes which were big news earlier in the year.

The saga began last year when Passion Java reportedly bought the dancehall chanter Enzo Ishall out of his contract with Mbare based studio, Chillspot records for R200 000. H-Metro reports that the prophet made the move to buy the artist out of the record label, after claims that Enzo was bound to an oppressive contract with the studio.

This was all according to unnamed sources and when Enzo's song Urikutsvireiko became a hit, social media was rife with speculation that he was referring to ChillSpot records. He however disputed these claims and Levelz himself revealed he had helped Enzo write the Urikutsvireiko song.

As the year went on they would another fallout in terms of Enzo Ishall's contract arrangements as they would part ways with Passion Java. Enzo Ishall recently admitted that he has a bitter-sweet relationship with the controversial clergyman. 

Over the past months, the two have been rumoured to be at loggerheads since those details of a botched contract surfaced earlier on this year. In a video Enzo posted sending his birthday wishes to Java, he teased that although they still have cordial relations, they often fight.

In the post, he said; 

"We start by thanking your mother who gave birth to you, happy birthday to you Passion Java though at times we... (fists on camera), you are still the boss."
The controversial prophet also started a storm on social media by trolling Enzo on promises he was given by his new promoter which never came to pass. After walking off on his verbal contract, whose details are still hazy, with the cleric, Enzo walked away from a verbal contract with Passion Java and got into a union with the budding promoter, TeeMak who assured him he would have an Asia tour that never materialised. 
The gap left by Enzo Ishall at Passion Java records has since been filled by Uncle Epatan. Through this deal, Uncle Epatan collaborated with Tanzanian Rayvanny and Passion also bought the artist a car.
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