"DJ Tira Is Arrogant And Disrespectful"

Polygamist Lucky Gumbi says Tira is full of himself

By  | Nov 17, 2020, 04:49 PM  | DJ Tira  | Drama

DJ Tira has been labelled 'arrogant' and 'disrespectful' by Polygamist Lucky Gumbi from the new SABC reality show The Gumbi's. The reality star says the DJ is disrespectful to people around him. He further added that the Durban DJ is full of himself.

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"Even when you look at Tira you can see that he is for himself. I'd say he is arrogant," said the polygamist in his reality show during the diary room session. He even said he does not care much about Tira's music suggesting that there is bad blood between the two of them.

The polygamist said when he was still working in events, he would hire many DJs and be in good terms with many of them. But with Tira, he did not acknowledge him. Lucky said that in one particular event, Tira only approached him when he was standing with a lady.

"I used to invite him and other DJs when I still worked on events. I’m cool with other DJs. We even greet each other. With him, we could meet at the garage and he would pass like he didn’t know you. I don’t care about him or his music, but He needs to learn to respect other people and those who support his music,” Gumbi said on his show.

Tira told Daily Sun that he does not care much about the man as he does not know who he is. "I’ve no idea who this man is. I don’t remember engaging with him. I don’t want drama in my life. And if ngamdelela ngiyaxolisa, nganginga qondile. (If I disrespected him, I apologize. It was not my intention.)

Lucky Gumbi is the new polygamist in town and lives happily with his two wives, Bayede and Nombuso Gumbi. Their reality show premiered on SABC 1 November 7 at 18h00.

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