Burna Boy Tickets Too Pricey!

Will you spend $100 on tickets?

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Burna Boy  | Drama

Zimbabwean fans are up in arms over the shockingly high ticket prices for Burna Boy's upcoming concert.
Commenting on the ticket pricing on Facebook, one Tich Ray said the local promoter, who hosted another Nigerian, Patoranking last year, may want to revisit their pricing as they risk running a loss. 

“Lots of cries on my feed on the pricing for the Burna Boy show. Whoever these the promoters are, they gotta be careful not to price the show into a megaflop. No matter how broke I am or how big Burna is, US$35 is too much,” wrote Tich Ray.

Some simply said: “For US$100 VIP, Burna Boy will have to come to my ear and whisper ‘Ondiloo’.”
Research, however, showed that Burna Boy who is one of the biggest African acts at the moment after dropping his African Giant album has tickets that can sell for about US$80 with an average price of US$89 at international concerts showing how big he is. Looking at the line-up also for his local show which has all the local heavyweights, save for Alick Macheso, Kayse Connect may be justified for that price as most of these artists do not come cheap. 

Elton Kurima of Kayse Connect told our sister newspaper, The Herald that the ticket pricing was justified although there was room for adjustment.

“I’ve seen and received a lot of complaints with some people saying that it’s too much to charge US$35 for the concert,” Kurima said. 

He, however, justified the pricing saying they were going all out with this show, something people will experience on the day.

“We want to give people value for money. I can’t share the plan of the stage and lighting among others, but what I can say is there’s room to reduce the prices. I can’t confirm how much as of now but I’m definitely going to take it up, 

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